Have You Always Wanted Your Own Personal Chef?

Justin Levy

No, no, neither one of us are looking for a new job (well, how much are you offering? :) )! One of the things that is envious of all those celebrities on Cribs is that most of them have personal chefs that whip up fantastic meals every night.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could have the same thing?!?!  What if it only cost you approximately $12/day for great menu options created by award winning chefs?  Cool huh?!?! 

Well, the other day we found just the service for you, thanks to our friend Chris Brogan when he posted a reviewof Personal Chef to Go.  Personal Chef to Go is a gourmet food service which ships freshly made meals directly to your home.  The concept was created by two award winning chefs, Chef Gene Castelluccio and Chef Blair Grossman.  Now I’m sure you’re thinking that this is probably just a glorified microwave dinner.  Wrong. Every meal is delivered fresh, yes fresh not frozen, directly from their kitchen to your home or office.  There is a weekly menu which is made by the chefs from scratch.  Chef Castelluccio and Chef Grossman cater their menus to 3 different types: Busy Singles, Couples on the Go and Family Favorites.  Make sure you check out those links to see the amazing menus they have up right now!

We can’t wait to try these meals and will be placing an order with Personal Chef to Go sometime within the next week or so.  As soon as we each get our meals we will post reviews for all of you.  We are going to plan on trying the Busy Singles (for Joe) and Couples on the Go (for Justin) menu options.  Stay tuned!

If you’ve tried Personal Chef to Go please leave a comment below and let us know what you thought of it.

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