Dusting Off and Refreshing Prime Cuts

Justin Levy

When we launched Prime Cuts it was our goal to provide you with content around all things cooking including information, techniques, tips and recipes. Of course, since our name is “Prime Cuts” and we own an argentinean steakhouse we wanted a primary focus of our content to be on proteins, and specifically, steak, as well as the dishes, sauces, beverages and techniques associated with them. As our restaurant continued to grow and get busier we sought out help from a diverse group of contributors to keep new content flowing into your RSS readers or inbox. While this strayed away from the focus on steaks that we had originally intended, it allowed us the ability to focus on the restaurant, which demanded a lot of our attention, while still keeping up with the blog. Our contributors provided mouth-watering recipes, the joys of a French press and tons more.

But, as 2010 set in, the restaurant continued to grow and was growing, at times, at an even faster rate than we had anticipated. Along with that we had a lot of other things that demanded our time both personally and professionally. This perfect storm of circumstances led us to put this blog on the back burner. Sure, we created some content during 2010, but not nearly as much as we wanted to and not on a regular basis.

As we spent the better part of December planning out what 2011 would look like for us at Caminito, we made dusting off and refreshing Prime Cuts a priority for the two of us. We decided that we wanted to bring the blog back to its roots with no other contributors besides the two of us. This forces us to keep it a priority since we’re solely responsible for producing content. If we don’t write, then you don’t get anything new to read. This will put pressure on us, especially once Summer comes around and the restaurant picks up a lot. We’ll definitely have guest posts along the way and may even open our arms again to regular contributors later in the year.

We’re really excited at digging back in around here. We both have some recipes, techniques and tips that we can’t wait to share with you! To help us stay on a regular schedule and also not to suddenly start flooding you with new posts, we’re going to stick to 2 posts per week, one from each of us. Some weeks we may have more than that, especially if we put together a series or have a few guest posts and some weeks we’ll probably only have a single post. We’ll call it an average of 2 posts per week. Deal?

We hope that you had a wonderful holiday season and that 2011 is off to a great start! We hope that you’ll forgive us for not writing enough during 2010 and will pop back in and say hello during 2011.


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Photo Credit: elmada

  • Bwpaine

    Sounds good. I’m looking forward to your posts and some new recipes.
    Can you tell me where your restaurant is? I’m’ in Southern New Hampshire and I bet you are clear on the other side of my world !